First haircut

The trauma of noisy clippers is made up for with treats...
All smiles now.

No more mullet/rat tail!

Cute boy.
He looks more like a little boy now, and not so much like a baby.


Amazing friends

I had the opportunity to see my sweet friend Victoria on her way up to see her family. It was almost like a ray of sunshine burst into my house for the short time she & her two little girls were here.

(Victoria is smart, pretty, fun, easy to talk to...I could keep going. Not only that, but she reminded me of Virginia that I'm oh-so-homesick for, currently. She's also quite a good mom. Believe me. I was watching & taking notes.)

Libbie & Elisabeth & Katie decided to play dress-up.
Naturally, I had to grab my camera. (Too bad they're less than thrilled.)

Cute girls.

I adore this woman.
(I must, if I was willing to take a picture with her in all my sweatiness. I believe it was a bajillion degrees outside that day. BAJILLION.)

It was a much-needed respite from my daily drudgery.
I love this lady & feel blessed to call her friend. 


Drew "reading" & then a bit of walking (sort of)

For my long-distance family who hasn't seen Drew walk just yet. Sorry if it's boring for everyone else! (It did occur to me that we took a billion videos of Libbie from age zero to now, and we've taken approximately two of Drew. So here's another. Sorry, buddy.)


My daughter...the next Elsa

Libbie-ism of the morning:

-L:"Mom, when I grow up, I want to be Elsa."
-Me: (Internally rolling my eyes) "Why is that, Lib?"
-L: "So when it's hot, I can get colder faster."
-Me: "Oh, okay. That makes sense." (We'd been in my hot car, getting some minor damage assessed this morning. Guess the kid was thinking about a/c. Can't say I blame her. I was thinking about it, too.)
-L: "Also, then I'd be the queen. And I could tell people what to do, and I think I'd like that."
-Me: (Again, I'm internally rolling my eyes here.) "Yes, I'm sure you would. You like telling your little brother what to do, huh?"
-L: "Yes. Yes, I do. I like telling you & dad what to do, too."
-Me: (Thinking: Let it go...let it go...she'll stop talking if I let it go...)
-(Libbie pauses for a minute)

-L: "Also, then I could freeze people."


Dinner silliness

I don't know why, but Drew's expression here just had me completely cracking up.

Showing off his mad chocolate-eating skills. Like a boss.

And then his messiness came after me...and the camera. (Side note: Look at all of D's teeth! No wonder he bites me all the time. Kid has 14 teeth - at 16 months of age. When Libbie was this age, she had 4 teeth, I think.)

Libbie was starting to sing a song here, and Jared responded appropriately. (Or maybe his face was just because I was taking a picture. Who knows.)

The big song finish. (And yes, ladies & gents - it was, of course, "Let It Go," sung at the top of my three-year-old's lungs. Sigh...)



Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.
Bill Cosby

Love you, dad.
Happy Father's Day.


Happy Memorial Day

Thankful for the sacrifices of my grandfathers & so many others before them - and since then. Thank you to all who serve our country.

Happy Memorial Day!
My paternal grandfather, Frank, and grandmother, Myrtle. (I miss them.)
My mom's stepdad, Jim, and his first wife, Clara. (I miss him, too.)
My mom's father, also named Jim. (He is also deceased. The only one left of all my grandparents is my spunky grandmother - my mom's mom - who is 91. She is amazing!)