Barrage of pictures

I haven't updated the blog in quite awhile. Libbie's been busy in preschool, I got called into the Relief Society presidency (while serving simultaneously as the secretary for several months), and, frankly, a lot of the time, I act as a single mom while Jared is working 70+ hours a week. I'm pretty tired, I can never figure out what to make for dinner, working out has taken a back seat (sad), & my house is a wreck. (I figure, maybe when I'm 60 or so, I'll have nice things. Maybe.) ;)

Anyway. It's easier to just update friends & family on Facebook, that necessary evil that I have come to mostly dislike but occasionally love. (Love for the cooking/cleaning/organizing/funny tips I find, plus the fantastic friends I have reconnected with, like my sweet high school friend & fellow resident widow-wife Tiffany; Dislike for all the pettiness that goes on & hurt feelings that come when I see so-and-so posting about something that hurts my feelings when it shouldn't. You know what I mean. I have come to see more & more the wisdom in my sister & dad's decisions to stay off most social media. But I stubbornly stay because of the few likes above. We'll see what awaits in the year ahead, I guess.)

Speaking of, the year ahead is exciting! Libbie starts her 4-year-old preschool class, Drew starts Mommy & Me class, Jared starts his 3rd & final year of residency in July (hallelujah!) & applies for jobs (eek!) & we move sometime in the summer of 2016 (whether it be a small move in PA or a major move out of state, we haven't fully decided yet).

Here's a barrage of pictures of things we've been up to since my last post (Oct 2014). I figure they'll only be of interest to family (ie, my parents or sister) who may have already seen them via Facebook or email, but, for posterity's sake...here you go.

P.S. They're totally all out of order. Oh well.

Crazy Leake family (a portion of them, at least - Scott Leake family, Katie Leake Harrison family, Teresa & Wayne Leake - missing Ginnie Leake Shorter family & Josh Leake family) Thanksgiving 2014.
Jared's folks were sweet enough to take this updated family shot of us, November 2014.

Thanksgiving 2014.

Typical siblings shot, almost Christmastime 2014. (Nearly 4 years old & 1 year old.)

Beautiful Libbie, almost Christmastime 2014. (Nearly 4 years old.)

Monster cookie making with dad.

Libbie's birthday, December 2014. 4 years old.

D playing with Christmas balls. 1 year old.

Preschool for the win! Thanksgiving 2014.

Halloween 2014. (Drew obviously wasn't into wearing a costume...Libbie thought it was hilarious.)

Excited for dad's Christmas work party.

Daddy's everyone's favorite.

My kids love "Gaga." Thanksgiving 2014.

Reading with dad. Fall 2014.

Cousin Olivia & Aunt Christine reading with Libbie. Thanksgiving 2014.

Daddy is SO. FUN. Thanksgiving 2014.

Spending quality time with Grammy. Thanksgiving 2014.

Tickling Grammy. Thanksgiving 2014.

And getting tickled by dad!

Piano lesson from Grandma.

Playing with grandpa.

And reading with grandpa.

Great-grandma Norma & Libbie & Drew. (I love this shot. My grandma was super sick after Thanksgiving, so I'm glad we all got to spend some time with her then. And I'm glad she's doing better as well.)

Thanksgiving 2014. (Kids were asleep during this shot. (Sharon & Jared Jones & girlfriend; Josh Leake & Christine & Olivia; my parents & my grandma; us.)

Obligatory crazy shot. (Jared took off my sock & stuck it in my face. I was REALLY mad about it & quite literally punched him in my jaw after this shot. I've never done that before. Needless to say, we didn't speak for about twenty minutes, and he hasn't taken my socks off in pictures since then...I mean, I'm all for crazy pictures, but smelly socks? Come on.)

Dad's work party. Guess I kissed the boy a little too hard.

Ward Christmas party. Primary friends! Libbie can make friends ANYWHERE.

One of Libbie's favorite presents - her Elsa necklace from Grammy. (Thank you!)

Love this girl. (She drives me crazy a lot of the time, but I love her fiercely too.)
Silly girl. She had fun with these for a good 30 minutes.
Look how much my kids have grown!

Love this man. True partner in crime.
Studying the train at Christmas with Papa. I adore this shot.

More train studying with Papa. 

D's fake cry at seeing candles on his cupcake - Drew's 2nd birthday, Feb. 2015.

Playing in the snow with our friend/neighbor Gavin, Jan. 2015.
(We've had a LOT of canceled school days/church days this winter season.)

AWESOME Thomas train track Gaga & Papa sent Drew for his birthday. (Thank you!)

Making a snow cave.

Hmmm. Cupcakes.

Playing with a cool remote-controlled car Grammy & Poppa got D for his birthday. (Thank you! The kids fight over this all the time. Mom & Dad think it's pretty cool too.)


General Conference weekend - parents' visit!

This weekend was General Conference weekend for me & my family, & so my sweet parents drove all the way up from Virginia to visit. (They're so kind to do that - they have so much going on.) My kids adore them, and I love watching them get excited to see grandma & papa. :)

Pictures from the weekend, in no particular order:

Silly Libbie with her dad, out at dinner. I can't believe how grown-up my girl looks. Much more than the 3-years-old she is, at least in my opinion.

Jared & Libbie, on a Sunday-morning walk.
I love these people.

Drew, screaming, as he is wont to do lately. (Sigh. I miss my happy, sweet, snuggly boy. I fear the fiercely independent, terrible twos are coming early. Say it ain't so!)

Drew & Grandma/mom. Love them.

Silly Drew in my shoes. Must be universal that all kids love to do this.

Silly dad/J & Libbie posing for the camera.

Believe it or not, Libbie wanted to pose this way. She couldn't stop laughing.

My mom wanted to take a picture of me & my dad since I stated online that I hadn't had one with him since 2009 (which, by the way, was okay with me. I don't exactly enjoy having pictures taken of myself). After a series of very silly shots, my mom was exasperated, I was saddened at the shots taken of myself, and I chose this one, wherein my eyes are closed. So there.

Ah. Mom caught a picture of Drew actually snuggling me. Still. He's huge, people. He's nearly as tall & weighs as much as his 3 1/2 year old sister. (And he's only 20 months old.) He's a titan baby. So the moments where he wants to be held & snuggle - well, I'll take them. Even if they do break my back.

Drew was so pleased to be sitting in a booster seat & not in a high chair. (I was just pleased to be seated. Stinking 10-15 minute wait, my fanny!) ;)

Ah. That's more like my kid.

Love this shot of my mom & my kids on our Sunday morning walk.

And here's papa & Libbie, too.

One last shot of Libbie. She's growing up so fast.