Community Easter Egg Hunt

We had a chance to go to the community Easter egg hunt this morning, and it was pretty fun. We had a feeling it would be soggy, since it's been so snowy & rainy as of late, so we trudged through the mud in our old clothes & shoes, but we weren't prepared for the strong wind. Thank goodness for the hot chocolate on hand!

I think Drew was pretty satisfied with the little blue bunny he won & a couple of other eggs he managed to scramble up off the ground (one thanks to my sweet visiting teacher - thanks, Lora!).

And while I was worried about Libbie getting knocked over by some over-zealous kids (or their parents  - ahem), I shouldn't have worried. My tenacious redhead owned that egg hunt like a boss. She zoomed in & out of her age group & filled up her Easter egg basket in no time. Jared & I just stood back, watching & laughing. Our toddler was made for sports. She was so proud of herself - I think she enjoyed the sport of getting the eggs more than actually opening them. She ran back to us, yelling, "Mom! Dad! I did it! I did it!" She could have gotten fifty more within the time allotted.

I was impressed with the local volunteers who worked so hard to lay out all of those eggs for the different age groups, with the sponsors who provided coupons & candy, with the food booths & prize booths, & with the sweet person who walked around as the Easter bunny, getting mobbed by children & adults alike, who wanted a picture. (We skipped out on that one.) I couldn't believe all of this was free. It was a great event.


If we hadn't been so cold from the wind, we might have stuck around to watch the adult Easter egg hunt - if just to be entertained by the adults scrambling for Easter eggs!


Spreading the word...

My awesome sis-in-law and bro-in-law are looking to adopt. If you could help spread the word (link in caption below), I would be so thankful! (And obviously, so would they...)

Joseph & Liz


Nighttime shenanigans

Libbie & I (& Drew, actually) had a rough day yesterday. So I wanted some chocolate.
Naturally, Libbie had to have some too. (Amazing how her mood improved. She is a chocolate girl, like me.)

She eats just like her dad. Chocolate everywhere.
(Like how she's posing?! Silly girl.)

Crazy dad & Lib.

These two are crazy about each other.

Drew, meanwhile, had snuck himself into the bathroom, where we have an assortment of books set up for L's potty training.

(I like that he's sticking his tongue out at me here. Stinker.)

Libbie wanted to hold his hand here. His expression made me laugh. (Get offffffff!)

I love love love this picture.

My crazies.

Ah. Here's the normal expression I get most of the time. Whining &/or irritation. Joy.
(Oh, the slow-ripening fruits of motherhood...)

Side note: I need some photography lessons. Maybe one day, when I have more of an attention span,  I will get to that...


The first (cup)cake

Not really sure what's going on...

"Dad? Is this okay to eat?"

Our kids don't seem to like cupcakes/cake. At first.

Dad showing Drew that it's YUMMY.

So he tried it. (Once we cut it up for him.)

But he still wasn't sure.

"What IS this?!"

Then he thought about it...and smeared it on his face some more.

Libbie wanted to reassure him that it was good.

Boy, has mom seen THAT face on the toddler before...
(rough day).

And, finally, when we weren't watching him too closely, he decided he liked it.
Sort of.
(P.S. Like how the banister knob in the background kind of melds into his hair? Pure accident, but, I like it.)

And he LOVED his bus!

Happy 1st birthday, Drew!


Big D

 Twelve months ago, I met this little big guy.
(A whopping nine pounds, and boy, even with an epidural, I felt those shoulders. Ouch.)

He was so snuggly, sleepy, and sweet.
Such a different kid from the hyper little miss that came two years before him.


Today, Drew is one.

He is extremely attached to me, laid-back, still snuggly, and as sweet as ever. He adores his big sister, his dad, and snuggles with mom. He also thinks he's hilarious (like his dad), & he loves to tease his sister (like his mom). He has finally learned to scoot around (we don't make crawlers, it seems, but scooters), and seems much happier. (Thank goodness, because that kid sure has let me know that he has eight teeth now. EIGHT.)

Happy birthday, Drew.
We love you so much & can't imagine our little family without you!


Happy bday, Mom!

Thank you for being such a wonderful mom, example, & friend.

I love you.